XAT Exam conducted by XLRI Jamshedpur, for the admission to management programmes at XLRI Jamshedpur and other institutes under Xavier Association of Management Institutes (XAMI), was held on 06th January 2019 across various cities in India. The exam time duration was of 3 hours from 10:00 am to 01:00 pm, a mixed expression can be seen on the faces of students as soon as they came out from their examination centre. Some people reported that some Decision-Making cases were repeated from the previous year question papers; however, the questions in the cases were new and tricky. But, candidates who practised all previous year Decision-Making questions had an added advantage. Below is the XAT Exam Analysis 2019.
Overall it was seen that the paper was quite challenging from last year, with pattern almost being same as the previous year except that the essay section was removed and distribution of the number of questions was changed as compared to last year XAT exam. XAT exam analysis 2019 is discussed below.

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XAT 2019 Overview

  • This year XAT did not include ESSAY and non-MCQ type questions.
  • The paper has two sections: 1st section contains three subsections, namely VA RC, Decision Making and Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation and the second one has only one subsection that is General Knowledge. Part 1, which comprised of 3 subsections, had a time limit of 165 minutes with no sub-sectional time limit. Part 2 of the exam, which consists of GK, had a time limit of 15 minutes. There was no negativing marking in part 2. Only part 1 of the exam is considered while calculating the XAT percentile.
  • The marking scheme was the same as before, i.e. +1 is awarded for correct response and -0.25 for each incorrect response. There is no negative marking in part 2 of the exam.
  • The penalty for leaving more than eight questions un-attempted has increased this year from -0.05 to -0.10.
  • The total number of option choices in MCQ questions was 5.

XAT 2019 Pattern

XAT 2019 SectionNumber of QuestionsMarks for Correct AnswerNegative MarksTime Duration
Part-174 Total MCQs165 Minutes
Verbal and Logical Ability26+10.25 for incorrect responses and additional -0.10 per question for leaving more than eight questions un-attemptedNo Sectional Time Limit
Decision Making21+1
Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation27+1
Part-225 Total MCQs15 Minutes
General Knowledge25+1No Negative Marking
Total questions (Part 1 + Part 2)99180 Minutes

XAT Exam Analysis 2019

XAT Exam Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension Analysis

  • This section was difficult as compared to last year.
  • Reading Comprehension covers most of the portion, which includes four passages with three questions each and one poem with two questions. Many candidates found Poem RC Challenging.
  • Two Para jumbles questions were easy.
  • Reading comprehension includes passages from the area like philosophy, science, arts etc.
  • Questions asked in the RC required reasoning skills, which make it more difficult.
  • The fill in the blanks questions was also on the tricky side.

Key Points: 

  • Questions for Reading Comprehension are tricky to solve and requires proper understanding of central idea and theme, so one should develop the reading habit to become comfortable in this section.
  • An attempt of 16-18 questions can be considered as a good attempt.
  • Try to maintain the accuracy of about 70-80% can help you fetch a good percentile.
  • The ideal time limit for this section should be around 45-50 minutes.

XAT Exam Decision Making Analysis

  • The level of this section was similar to that of last year.
  • This section contains more questions from situational decision making rather than analytical reasoning.
  • Overall this section had 21 questions with a moderate level of difficulty.
  • There were no questions asked from mathematical logic.

Key Points:

  • XAT is the only MBA entrance exam that includes this section, which is new for many. Try to practice previous year XAT papers to understand types of questions which can be asked in this section.
  • Try to solve case study based questions and key tip to solve these types of questions is the interpretation of the text, and thinking about different possibilities and eliminating the wrong ones.
  • Option eliminations technique is best suited to solve the Decision Making questions.
  • An attempt of 16-17 questions and scoring 12-14 marks can be considered a good attempt.
  • The ideal time limit for this section should be around 35-40 minutes.

XAT Exam Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation Analysis

XAT 2019 Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation AnalysisNUMBER OF QUESTIONS
  • This section was difficult from last year and included more tricky questions.
  • Quants section contains questions from Algebra and Geometry majorly.
  • Data Interpretation had 2 sets in which one set was quite tricky.
  • There were some cake walk questions too from topics like percentage, profit and loss, function, and indices.
  • Overall this section had a moderate difficulty level.

Key Points:

  • This section requires a lot of practice and revision so one should give the different sectional test and mocks to have a grip on this section.
  •  The best way to practice this section is to start with ARITHMETIC and then goes to ALGEBRA, and then to GEOMETRY and then to other topics.
  • This year the questions were mostly asked from Co-ordinate and trigonometry topics which include some hard questions too, so one should not overlook these topics during preparation.
  • Data Interpretation questions had more logical based questions and could be solved by only seeing the options, but out of two sets that occurred in XAT2019 one set was easily do-able and the other one was quite difficult and can be left untouched.
  • An attempt of 14-16 questions in quants section and 2-3 Data Interpretation question can be considered as a good attempt.
  • The ideal time limit for this section should be around 55-60 minutes.

XAT Exam General Knowledge Analysis

  • This section contains 25 questions.
  • There was no negative marking in this section.
  • Questions from both Static and Current GK were asked.
  • Overall the level of this section was moderate.

Key Points:

  • There is no negative marking in this section so one can go for guesswork and elimination technique.
  • The questions as can be seen above is more related to the economic and business topic.
  • The constraint of penalty for not attempting more than eight questions is not in this section.
  • Total time allotted for this section is only 15 minutes.
  • One should read current affairs for preparing this section.
  • An attempt of 12-14 questions which can fetch a score around 8-10 can be considered as a good attempt.

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