peace begins with a smile

Peace, tranquillity, patience, calmness are all synonyms. But they are usually taken lightly without understanding the depth of its meaning. Peace is a very hard emotion or feeling to achieve in a person’s everyday life. Most people who have experienced all greatness, success, and wealth still end up leading a depressing life because they lack one simple element in their life, which is peace. The lack of peace can rob a person off all their patience and happiness. The main reason why this happens is because of the chaos that is filled up to the brim in a person’s life. But there is one simple element which can remove every mess that is a smile, as “Peace Begins with a Smile.”

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peace begins with a smile

Peace Begins with a Smile

The evolution of human beings has become dynamic to such an extent that the excessive use of technologies has turned its boon into a curse. Unknowingly the human population has been chasing what brings in wealth and termed that as a success, in return, only gaining insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. As a fact, the conditions people underwent in mental asylums in that 1900s is now equal to the negative mental health conditions any regular human being would undergo without even acknowledging the danger they are putting themselves under due to excessive commitment towards the work they complete despite being disinterested in it.

Man in the hunger of wealth is unwillingly accomplishing all these factors without realizing what the need to most to live, which are peace and happiness. Happiness cannot be achieved by indulging in the type of work you do not seem to be interested in. Happiness can never be achieved through the medium of health. The primary foundation of joy is peace, patience, companionship, satisfaction, and love. Without being a part of the institution of marriage, one would not even feel worthy of earning well enough or being wealthy either.
Peace is the most powerful weapon to avoid war. The war does not always have to be violence sought effort to gain excessive power between two different countries. War can also be fought with your self, your mind, the choices you make, and if you are happy running behind them as the end goal. A war can be the ego, pride and arrogance one can be a prey to when they are in need of something in the heaviest circumstances and refuse to take help because they prefer to look like they’re inevitable every time.

However, one might have always noticed what brings them peace in the most natural form. If they are experiencing any sort of stress, agony, pain, anger, frustration, or negative emotion, what is the first thing that can lighten their mood and made those negative feelings dim? It is a smile. A smile can eradicate all the worries, sadness, and anything negative that is fogging one’s life. For a moment, a smile can make a person forget what hurdles their fears might pull into their existence that is the peace begins with a smile. If a smile is so powerful to bring joy in the hardest of situations, imagine being able to smile all the time and not lead a life full of negativity at all? That is the peace begins with a smile.

The only way in which this can be achieved is through peace. Peace is the single root source to eradicate chaos and also its antonym. Hence, we see how peace and smiles are interconnected. Every little thing that one might do, which brings a genuine and heart smile on their face, unknowingly also brings in peace of mind. Let us take a simple example- you are walking down your street with a frown on your face because you are worried about the assignments due which you have not even started completing. In your hands, there is a burger packed that you thought of eating once you board the train because you might not have time to sit and eat at home. However, in spite of these worries and stress, your frown etches deeper towards sympathy when you see a homeless man shivering in the cold without any shelter or food. You gather the courage to go and hand him over some money but notice that money is not what brings a smile to his face, because how could he even fill his stomach with a few coins? So after a little thought, you smile and hand him over the packaged food you were holding in your hand. His face lights up, but most importantly, your face lights up too. The moment he gives you a genuine smile full of gratefulness you forget about all the worries and stress and focus on the fact about the good deed you did by helping someone incapable fill his stomach. Now, despite having those assignments to complete, you walk back home with a smile of pride because you did something great as a part of humanity. But what you feel within your heart now is not chaos; you do not even care about your hunger anymore because you thought of that man’s starvation to be more important. All that has filled your heart now is peace. This is the perfect example of how peace begins with a smile. The beggar, on the other hand, experienced happiness and peace to after learning he would not have to beg at least for a day and hence had a peaceful and happy sleep.

There is a form of therapy that teaches how laughter is the best medicine. This explains that the best form of healing not only mentally but also physically- is laughter. Laughing or smiling in any situation can make someone calm down from the anger or stress they are facing. There are plenty of laughter therapies that teach people how to habituate themselves to laugh or smile, even in awful situations to calm themselves down. It is scientifically proven and also used as treatment as the best medium of releasing anyone from any mental agony and also quicken the physical wounds.
If this is understood among people, and such ideas are well exercised, the world could be a much better and happier place.

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