SNAP Test EXAM Analysis 2018-SNAP exam review

As announced by SNAP authorities, SNAP 2018 had significant changes in the exam pattern as compared to SNAP 2017. Special questions which are similar to TITIA question asked in CAT were introduced in SNAP 2018. SNAP 2017 had total 150 questions while SNAP 2018 had 130 questions out of which 20 questions; 5 in each section, were of a special type and remaining 110 questions were MCQ questions with four answer options. SNAP 2018 exam analysis and review is discussed below. SNAP 2018 had four sections as below:

  • General English: Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability-35 Questions
  • Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency- 35 Question
  • Analytical & Logical Reasoning-35 Question
  • Current Affairs- 25 Question

Variable Marking in SNAP 2018

SNAP 2018 had introduced variable marking, which was a significant change as compared to SNAP 2017. +2 marks were awarded for special questions & +1 marks for MCQ questions. Each wrong attempt in SNAP 2018 had a neagtive marking of 25% of the marks alloted to the question that is -0.5 for each incorrect special question and -0.25 for each icnorrect MCQ question. There was no negative marking for the un-attempted questions.

SNAP 2018 Pattern

SNAP 2018 pattern is tabulated below.

Section in SNAP 2018Number of MCQ questionsMarks for Correct MCQ QuestionNegative Marks for Incorrect MCQ QuestionNumber of Special Questions questionsMarks for Correct Special QuestionNegative Marks for Incorrect Special QuestionTotal questions in SNAP SectionTotal Marks in Section
General English: Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability30+1-0.255+2-0.53540
Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency30+1-0.255+2-0.53540
Analytical & Logical Reasoning30+1-0.255+2-0.53540
Current Affairs20+1-0.255+2-0.52530
Total110 MCQ Questions20 Special Questions130 Total question in SNAP 2019150 Total Marks

The test user interface was similar to that of CAT exam. However, students had the option of submitting the test after 45 minutes at the start of the SNAP exam. It was essential to click on the button ‘Save and Next’ to ensure that the answer was saved on the server. If question next question was directly selected from the question pallet without clicking on ‘Save and Next’, answer will not be recorded on the server. Candidate need to ensure that he or she clicks on ‘Save and Next’ after marking the answer. Also there was a facility to view question paper on the top right hand side which enables the candidate to see the complete question paper on one page, however you will not be able to mark the answers in question paper view mode.
Level of difficulty of the SNAP 2018 exam was slightly easier as compared to SNAP 2017. Questions in the Quantitative section were easy and straight forward. Some RC and Verbal ability questions were basic but confusing to some candidates. The current affairs section was on the easier side with two straight questions from the elections which were in the news at that time.

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SNAP 2018 Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency Analysis

SNAP 2018 Exam Analysis and review for the Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency Analysis section in SNAP 2018 can be labeled as moderate. Most of the question were on an easy side and tested the basic understanding of the concepts. A small element of surprise was that there were no questions from the Data Interpretation part. As usual Arithmetic and Modern Maths had a greater weight-age in this section with 18 out of 35 questions were from Arithmetic and Modern Maths. After this Geometry was the predominant section with eight questions in total. Similar to SNAP 2017 there were no questions on data sufficiency. The section comprises of total 35 questions with five special questions. Below is the breakup of the questions in Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency section in SNAP 2018.

TopicNumber of QuestionsDifficulty Level
Surds and Indices1 (Special question)Easy
Roman numbers1 (Special question)Easy-Moderate
Simple & Compound Interest1Easy
Time & Work1Easy
Parallel Lines1Easy
Quadrilaterals1+1(Special question)Easy-Moderate
Mensuration2+1(Special Question)Easy-Moderate
Permutation & Combination4Easy-Moderate
Set Theory1Easy
Simple equations3Easy-Moderate
Polynomials1+1 (Special question)Easy-Moderate
Higher degree equations1Easy-Moderate

Good attempts would be around 27-30 questions with 85% accuracy in 40-45 minutes.

SNAP 2018 Analytical & Logical Reasoning Analysis

SNAP 2018 Exam Analysis and review for the section Analytical & Logical Reasoning section followed the footsteps of SNAP 2017. Like SNAP 2017, most of the questions in Analytical & Logical Reasoning were standalone questions. Out of a total of 35 questions in Analytical & Logical, Reasoning 28 were independent questions while the remaining question was from a single case of matrix arrangement. Out of the 35 questions in total, five questions were of special type were candidate needed to type the answer using the on-screen virtual keyboard.
The table below shows the distribution of the topics asked in the Analytical and Logical Reasoning Section.

TopicNumber of QuestionsLevel of Difficulty
Paper folding2Moderate
Linear Arrangement3+1(Special Question)Moderate
Family Tree1Moderate
Set Theory1Easy-Moderate
Coding Decoding1+2 (Special Question)Easy-Moderate
Missing Numbers3Moderate
Number sequence1Easy-Moderate
Puzzles1+1(Special Question)Easy-Moderate
Letter sequence1+1(Special Question)Easy-Moderate
Simple equations2Easy-Moderate
Verbal Reasoning1Easy-Moderate
Matrix Arrangement Case7Moderate-Difficult

Good attempts would be around 25-28 questions with 85% accuracy in 35-40 minutes.

SNAP 2018 General English: Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability Analysis

The difficulty level of the General English: Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability section was similar to that of SNAP 2017. This section consisted of 35 questions out of which 5 were a special question where answer had to be written with the help of virtual onscreen keyboard. There were two RC passages with ten questions in total, and the remaining 25 questions were from the verbal ability. Most of the VA questions were from word usage like antonym, synonyms, followed by the correct usage of Grammar. Two of the RC passage were easy to read and could be attempted easily if given well read. The table below shows the distribution of the topics asked in the General English: Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability Section.

TopicNumber of QuestionsLevel of Difficulty
The correct form of underlined word2Easy-Moderate
Direct/Indirect speech2Easy-Moderate
Error in sentence2Easy-Moderate
Fill in the Blanks4Easy-Moderate
Idioms and Phrases2Easy-Moderate
Odd one out2Easy
RC 1: Google use of location services as malpractice5Easy-Moderate
RC 2: Free market economy5Moderate
Special questions5Easy-Moderate

Good attempts would be around 29-31 questions with 85% accuracy in 30-35 minutes.

SNAP 2018 Current Affairs Analysis

Below were the topics from which questions were asked from the Current Affairs section. Overall the section was moderate+, some of the special questions were factual and difficult. A reasonable attempt will be around 14-16 questions with 75% accuracy in 12-15 minutes.

TopicNumber of questionsLevel of Difficulty
Business Awareness9Easy-Moderate
Current affairs- Eco and polity8Easy-Moderate
Current affairs-Awards3Easy-Moderate
Current affairs-Miscellaneous GK2Moderate

As per SNAP result 2018, a score of 95 would have fetched 99.9802%, a score of 72 would have fetched close to 97.5%, and a score of 64.75 would have brought close to 93.7%.

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