PGDBA Analysis 2019

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics (PGDBA) 2019 exam got over on 17th February 2019. The pattern of PGDBA exam was similar to last year, and there we no new surprises. Below is the brief analysis of the PGDBA exam 2019.  As usual, the Quantitative Aptitude and Maths was challenging and comprised of 50% of the question paper. Below is the break down of questions in the PGDBA Exam 2019.

SectionTopicNumber of questionsDifficulty Level
Verbal AbilityWord Usage2Moderate-Difficult
Para Jumble 4 sentence with option3Easy-Moderate
Reading Comprehension Passages10 (One passage with 6 questions and another passage with 4 question)Moderate-Difficult
Logical ReasoningCaselet - Distribution5Moderate
Data Interpretation and Data VisualizationBar Graph3Easy
Quantitative AbilityFunctions6Moderate-Difficult
Equation and inequations4Easy-Moderate
Set Theory1Easy-Moderate
Permutation & Combination2Moderate-Difficult
Number Systems1Easy
Limits and Continuity2Moderate-Difficult
Differentiation and integration2Moderate-Difficult

PGDBA 2019 Verbal Ability Analysis

PGDBA Verbal Ability Analysis 2019; This section was mixed in terms of difficulty. There were some challenging questions mixed with sitter question. The pain point was to identify the easy ones. Out of the 2-word usage question, one was challenging, and students were confused while solving them. The overall pattern of the PGDBA paper remained the same as similar to last year. There were two RC passages with four and six questions each, and there were three para jumble (4 sentences) questions.
The RC passages in the PGDBA Exam were easy to read, and the topics were interesting. However, the questions were tricky. The passage dealing with infertility problems in Italy had two very tricky questions which required and in-depth reading along with inferential and critical reasoning. The options were close for most of the Reading Comprehension questions. A lot of inference based questions made this section more difficult for candidates as compared to the previous year.
The three para jumble questions were easy. If a candidate understood the basics of para jumble and eliminated options correctly, these questions would have been scoring and a bonus.

PGDBA 2019 Logical Reasoning Analysis

The PGDBA paper had no surprises for the type of questions in the LR section. There was one case on distribution along with five questions, where phones were needed to distributed among the five persons. Questions in this section were easy if the candidate was able to decrypt the hidden hints.

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PGDBA 2019 Data Interpretation and Data Visualization Analysis

PGDBA Data Interpretation and Data Visualization section was an easy cakewalk if you were able to interpret the given bar graph and table correctly. Understanding the bar graph and table was a quick cakewalk if you had practised enough mocks during the CAT exam.

PGDBA 2019 Quantitative Aptitude Analysis

PGDBA Quantitative Aptitude was slightly more comfortable as compared to the last year. This section comprised of 50% of the total marks and is an important section to get through the PGDBA exam.

Questions on functions, geometry, and algebra dominated the section. 

Read more about PGDBA syllabus to know topics from which questions are asked in the PGDBA exam. Also, you can download previous year PGDBA question paper from the below tab to practice previous year PGDBA Questions.


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