IIFT Question Paper and Answer Key 2016 PDF

IIFT 2016 exam was held on 27th November 2016. The level of the examination was considered to be on the easy side. The pattern of the IIFT Exam 2016 consisted of 4 sections General Knowledge, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation, and Verbal Reasoning & Reading Comprehension. IIFT 2016 had two cutoffs, one of which was the sectional cutoff for each section, and the other was the overall examination cutoff. Overall cutoff or cutoff in each section is not constant and vary year to year depending on the level of difficulty of the paper and number of candidates giving the exam. IIFT Previous Year Question papers become handy when you are preparing for the IIFT examination as previous year question papers are the best source to benchmark your current preparation level and also helps you in practicing the real IIFT exam-like questions. You can download IIFT 2016 question paper with answer key in PDF format using the buttons below at the bottom of the page.

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IIFT 2016 Exam Pattern

The pattern of the IIFT 2016 question paper was divided into four sections, namely Reading Comprehension & Verbal Ability, Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and General Knowledge. In total, there were 123 questions with variable marking in each section. IIFT 2016 marking scheme along with the number of question in each section is tabulated below.

IIFT 2016 Exam Pattern
Section NumberSectionNo. of QuestionsMarks per questionNegative Marks/questionTotal Marks
IGeneral Knowledge25+0.5-0.1712.5
IIQuantitative Aptitude20+1-0.3320
III - Part 1Logical Reasoning22+0.75-0.2516.5
III - Part 2Data Interpretation20+1-0.3320
IV - Part 1Reading Comprehension16+1-0.3316
IV - Part 2Verbal Ability20+0.75-0.2515

Download IIFT 2017 Question Paper with Answer Key in PDF Format

IIFT does not release any official answer key for the examination. MBAVilla.com has prepared this answer key. If you have doubts in the answer key please mail your queries at [email protected]. You can download IIFT 2016 question paper & answer key in PDF format by clicking on the button below.

IIFT 2016 Answer Key

Below is the IIFT 2016 answer key for SET D. You can download the IIFT 2016 question paper in PDF format from the link above.

IIFT 2016 Answer Key SET D
Question NumberSectionAnswer Option
Section 1 General Knowledge +0.50 -0.17
1General KnowledgeD
2General KnowledgeC
3General KnowledgeD
4General KnowledgeC
5General KnowledgeA
6General KnowledgeB
7General KnowledgeA
8General KnowledgeC
9General KnowledgeD
10General KnowledgeC
11General KnowledgeA
12General KnowledgeD
13General KnowledgeC
14General KnowledgeA
15General KnowledgeD
16General KnowledgeA
17General KnowledgeA
18General KnowledgeB
19General KnowledgeD
20General KnowledgeB
21General KnowledgeD
22General KnowledgeB
23General KnowledgeC
24General KnowledgeB
25General KnowledgeD
Section 2 Quantitative Aptitude +1 -0.33
26Quantitative AptitudeD
27Quantitative AptitudeC
28Quantitative AptitudeD
29Quantitative AptitudeD
30Quantitative AptitudeD
31Quantitative AptitudeC
32Quantitative AptitudeA
33Quantitative AptitudeA
34Quantitative AptitudeA
35Quantitative AptitudeB
36Quantitative AptitudeD
37Quantitative AptitudeA
38Quantitative AptitudeB
39Quantitative AptitudeD
40Quantitative AptitudeB
41Quantitative AptitudeC
42Quantitative AptitudeB
43Quantitative AptitudeD
44Quantitative AptitudeC
45Quantitative AptitudeB
Section 3 Part 1 Logical Reasoning +0.75 -0.25
46Logical ReasoningA
47Logical ReasoningB
48Logical ReasoningC
49Logical ReasoningA
50Logical ReasoningB
51Logical ReasoningC
52Logical ReasoningC
53Logical ReasoningNone of the Options
54Logical ReasoningNone of the Options
55Logical ReasoningNone of the Options
56Logical ReasoningC
57Logical ReasoningNone of the Options
58Logical ReasoningA
59Logical ReasoningA
60Logical ReasoningC
61Logical ReasoningB
62Logical ReasoningA
63Logical ReasoningD
64Logical ReasoningB
65Logical ReasoningB
66Logical ReasoningD
67Logical ReasoningD
Section 3 Part 2 Data Interpretation +1 -0.33
68Data InterpretationA
69Data InterpretationD
70Data InterpretationC
71Data InterpretationB
72Data InterpretationD
73Data InterpretationB
74Data InterpretationD
75Data InterpretationA
76Data InterpretationB
77Data InterpretationD
78Data InterpretationA
79Data InterpretationA
80Data InterpretationA
81Data InterpretationA
82Data InterpretationB
83Data InterpretationC
84Data InterpretationB
85Data InterpretationC
86Data InterpretationC
87Data InterpretationB
Section 4 Part 1 Reading Comprehension +1 -0.33
88Reading ComprehensionB
89Reading ComprehensionC
90Reading ComprehensionB
91Reading ComprehensionB
92Reading ComprehensionA
93Reading ComprehensionC
94Reading ComprehensionD
95Reading ComprehensionB
96Reading ComprehensionB
97Reading ComprehensionD
98Reading ComprehensionC
99Reading ComprehensionC
100Reading ComprehensionB
101Reading ComprehensionC
102Reading ComprehensionC
103Reading ComprehensionB
Section 4 Part 2 Verbal Ability +0.75 -0.25
104Verbal AbilityC
105Verbal AbilityB
106Verbal AbilityA
107Verbal AbilityC
108Verbal AbilityA
109Verbal AbilityC
110Verbal AbilityD
111Verbal AbilityA
112Verbal AbilityB
113Verbal AbilityD
114Verbal AbilityD
115Verbal AbilityC
116Verbal AbilityA
117Verbal AbilityB
118Verbal AbilityC
119Verbal AbilityB
120Verbal AbilityC
121Verbal AbilityC
122Verbal AbilityD
123Verbal AbilityC

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