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IIFT Exam is one of the prestigious MBA entrance exam to get admission in IIFT or Indian Institute for foreign trade in its Delhi, Kolkata and Kakinada campus. It is different from other MBA entrance exams as it is conducted in pen paper-based mode, not like the other ones which usually have an online pattern of examination. Moreover, IIFT offers a specialisation in International Business. How to prepare for the IIFT exam or IIFT Exam Preparation or the strategy for the IIFT exam in which exam should be attempted is the most common concern amongst IIFT Aspirants. We will discuss these concerns in this article and answer the most common question How to Prepare for the IIFT exam? How to Crack the IIFT Exam?
This exam held every year in December and that too on the first Sunday of December so accordingly this year it is expected to be held on 1st December 2019.
It is 2 hours exam with four-six sections (tentative, Read More about IIFT Pattern) to tackle with, this is also one of the reasons why it is different from other MBA exam, generally exams like CAT have only 3 section but what IIFT does it divides these sections in six subsections and in this way increasing the number of sections. Understanding the sections is the major key to answer how to crack the IIFT exam?
These six sections consist of the following major topics:

  1. Verbal Ability
  2. Reading Comprehension
  3. Logical Reasoning
  4. Data Interpretation
  5. Quantitative Analysis
  6. General knowledge

Further, if we look at the pattern of the examination, we will see that although there is not much variation from exam like CAT except the General Knowledge Section, what it wants to test is the candidate mindset, how he/she handles pressure, how they make strategy efficiently through its sectional marking schemes and clear the overall as well sectional IIFT exam cutoff. Clearing all the sectional cutoff and maximising the score in your strong areas is the secret recipe to the question How to Crack the IIFT exam?

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How to prepare for the IIFT Exam?

IIFT Exam Strategy

  1. How to prepare for the IIFT Exam: 6-8 month time ample for preparation of IIFT exam, you can either bring some books and start preparing yourself or else you can take admission in any coaching institute which can guide you toward your goal, but whatever way you chose, you should be determinant enough to clear the exam.
  2. Start with writing down your course on a piece of paper and mark a tick as you complete that topic. This will help you benchmark your progress during the course of IIFT preparation.
  3. For the first month, try to study your favourite topics only from all the section.
  4. For the next two months, try to practice as many questions as you can.
  5. From the third month, start giving test/sectional tests.
  6. How to crack the IIFT Exam Pattern?: Analyse the past 5-year pattern to get the types and changes in IIFT exam pattern over the years.
  7. Don’t forget to revise topics and revise them every 1-2 weeks.
  8. After the third month start giving mock weekly and try to analyse mock on various factors, like where was the mistake, how much time is consumed while answering my strong topic questions, how to reduce time and increase accuracy. Mock Tests are the key element in IIFT exam preparation and will boost your score.
  9. After 5th-month start giving mocks more frequently and, in this time, period try to analyse how to manage time, try to minimise the negative marks or in another word number of wrong questions.
  10. Try to solve as many previous years paper as you can, as this help you to know the pattern and type of questions that IIFT asks.
  11. IIFT paper is a pen and paper-based mode paper, so don’t forget that you have to mark answer in OMR sheets which itself is time taking process. Many candidates leave the OMR sheet to be filled in the last 10 minutes; however, due to last-minute panic attacks, OMR sheets are left blank or bubbled incorrectly. Try to mark answers at the time you solve; otherwise, your IIFT exam preparation may go in vain.
  12. IIFT exams check your accuracy, speed, time management, strategy skills, so practice more and more.
  13. Some idea of time management that you can give to each question is given below. Time can be increased or decreased depending on your strength on the section and difficulty level of the exam.
  • Verbal Ability: 20 minutes
  • Reading Comprehension: 20 minutes
  • Logical Reasoning: 25 minutes
  • Data Interpretation: 20 minutes
  • Quantitative Ability: 25 minutes
  • General Knowledge: 10 minutes

IIFT Sectional Strategy

  1. Verbal Ability:
    • Generally, it includes question from Verbal Ability, Vocabulary, and Grammar.
    • Types question can be from Grammar Correction, Cloze Test, Word Usage, Antonym or Synonyms, Word Origin, Spelling Error, and miscellaneous questions.
    • Strategy: Attempt those questions in verbal ability section that you sure enough and you can go for guess only when you have 70/30% doubt on the question; otherwise it is best to leave these questions.
  2. Reading Comprehension:
    • Generally, IIFT exam gives long passages which can be exhaustive, but last year there were RC’s which were short and had questions like factual and data-based from the passage.
    • This section can be solved easily by starting practicing from the first month of preparation, slowly-slowly increase the number of RC practice.
    • One should read question beforehand and first try to do those questions which include factual and data based as they are easy to solve and take less time, questions that involve questions of essence or inference based or authors viewpoint or to find the wrong statements, generally take more time and should be left for the second round/
    • Strategy: one should first start practice with a passage which is based on their area of interest, topics of RC which generally ask in IIFT belong to the field of SCIENCE, ART, LITERATURE, PHILOSOPHY, BUSINESS, MISCELLANEOUS, etc.
  3. Logical Reasoning:
    • Logical Reasoning in the IIFT exam is generally Easy to Moderate.
    • There are some portions in the Logical Reasoning Section which are unique to the IIFT exam and not come in exams like CAT so one must prepare them too. Like Syllogism, Input-Output Questions, Series Questions, Calenders, Critical Reasoning, and other miscellaneous topics.
    • Strategy: One must try to read the question correctly, interpret it and then began to solve, as this section may involve many lengthy literature type questions so don’t be afraid, the answer is hidden in that literature only. Try to attempt those puzzles which are of a similar kind that you have solved in the past. Don’t spend too much time on any question.
  4. Data Interpretation:
    • This section of IIFT is most calculation intensive section.
    • But one must be aware that IIFT can change its pattern and might give it easy so one should not make up their mind to not to solve this section.
    • Time management in this section is one of the crucial element; just try to find out sets which are less lengthy and more comfortable to solve.
    • Do not leave this section un-attempted as you might not clear the sectional cutoff.
    • Strategy: Learn how to solve big calculations in few steps; there are much Vedic mathematics trick that one can use to solve heavy calculations. Use comparison and answer options wherever required rather than solving the heavy calculations.
  5. Quantitative Ability:
    • IIFT generally ask mixed difficulty level of questions in the Quantitative section.
    • One must practice by giving different test/ sectional test/previous year papers to learn which question to leave and what to attempt.
    • Time and paper management skills come into when you decide what to solve or what not.
      • Topics that one must practice hard as these covers most of the quants section: ALGEBRA, ARITHMETIC, GEOMETRY, MODERN MATHS: PROBABILITY and Miscellaneous Topics.
      • Strategy: This section requires a lot of practice, but ones you become used to it, no other section is more scoring than this is. Just understand all the concepts clearly.
  6. General Knowledge:
    • GK section is generally believed that it should be attempt first as it is not time-consuming and either you know the answer or not, there is no solving.
    • The time given to the General Knowledge section should be around 10-15 minutes.
    • It is seen that the cut off for the GK section is generally low, so you must try that much questions that can help you to clear the sectional cut-off of the General Knowledge Section.
    • One should read the newspaper, journals, informative magazines daily or weekly to be able to solve this section on “D-DAY.”
    • Strategy: Read news related to business, merger and acquisitions, politics, current affairs, inventions, discoveries, international news, etc.


  • Work on Speed, Accuracy and Time Management so as to clear sectional cutoff as well as the overall cutoff of the IIFT exam
  • Revise concepts and formulae on a weekly basis so as to have concepts on your fingertips
  • Make flash cards and mnemonics for vocabulary
  • Try to practice previous year papers as a timed mock test to benchmark your preparation

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