Space research projects are a waste of money or not

Science is making lots of progress & is solving many questions that used to be a mystery for the people & all this is happening because of the research work that is going on by the scientists in various parts of the globe. Every day they are coming up with new inventions that are making our lives simpler & more comfortable. People have become very specific in doing work. They only do those things that will benefit them in the future & thus they plan accordingly. So a question arises that whether the money spent on space research is worth spending or we should focus on other things that can be more fruitful. Space Research Projects are a Waste of Money or Not?

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Space research projects are a waste of money or not

But if we see & think properly, then scientific knowledge has value beyond the cost measurements. Knowledge gained is very precious & the research that is carried out for space-related things helps us to know many things & thus we can discover many new things. It will help in understanding our universe & other things that can help in saving many things. Space exploration helps to study all the changes that are taking place around the globe because of which the temperature has increased all of a sudden in the recent days & may also help in discovering some solution to it. It is the nature of the human being that is making us discover & explore the environment. This urge is the only thing that has helped us to evolve & grow. Suppose no one wanted to know or find out about the existence of any village than one part of the civilized people will be growing while the other part will remain like that only.
We have a perception that the cost of space exploration & space research is too much, but the cost isn’t that high. If we see correctly, the money spent on other government fields is comparatively very high. The salary that they require, maintenance of all the items, etc. require a lot of money which is quite less in the research field. Every day new things are being invented, which somehow is influenced by space research. Ex: Velcro that we now use in clothing bags, belts, etc. was a product made by NASA as a result of space exploration. It has helped in the development of many new technologies like a microchip, CAT scan, etc. which we have never dreamt. The much needed & useful thing, Plastic is made by the engineers who were working for space program & now it has become a massive industry. Even after knowing that it is not suitable for Earth as it takes a very long time to decompose & thus it cannot be disposed of so quickly, but still everything is now made up of plastic. We cannot imagine our lives without plastics. From plates, cups, brushes, watches, phones, shoes, everything has plastic in it which was created as a result of space exploration.
Many things of our day-to-day lives are inspired only after some space exploration or space research that scientists have realized that it is possible. Mobile phones, one of the most significant inventions of all times, is influenced by space research only. The satellites that are placed in the space helps us to communicate with the people by sending signals to different towers placed in different parts of the world. After the invention of mobile phones, the Internet came around & within no time, it became a need for people. Many other industries got dependent on this internet & this internet is only being able to come into existence because of science & space exploration. Now it is spreading to every single corner of the globe. If we have a smartphone & an Internet connection, we can do every single thing that we have not even imagined in the past. With the help of a GPS, we can travel to any part of the world where ever we want to go without any confusion & without getting lost. Weather forecasting is also something which is very much needed in today’s life as it tells us the upcoming weather conditions & any danger related to that so that we can plan accordingly.
Space exploration has helped in making India to the list of one of those countries who have been successfully able to send their satellite to Mars in one go & now they are finding an alternative of the earth in Mars as scientists are expecting life on Mars due to the similarity in atmospheric conditions there with Earth. It is the result of the space exploration that Japan was able to discover how to divert the clouds to another place to prevent rain on their country. Without proper research & study, no one can think & invent such things in a go. People may say that all the things can be invented with the help of a group of scientists but maybe that group of scientists had an idea of how to do things & how to move further, but they also won’t be able to achieve what they had done now until the space research team won’t tell them how to place the satellites & where so as to get proper signals.
There are many other things on which human beings & big companies are spending lots of money which is not that useful or needed at this point of the hour, but space research is something which will not only help us to cope up with recent problems but may also help to prevent us from the upcoming problems. It’s just that this type of research takes time to give some output, so we have to maintain our patience level & wait for the results.
Space Research Projects are a Waste of Money or Not? Everything in life has both positive as well as negative effects; it is up to us how we see & perceive things. Space exploration may have some impact on the monitorial balance of the economy, but the benefits that we have got & we are getting is intrinsic & is worth spending on it. Space Research Projects are a Waste of Money or Not? answer to this question depends on person to person.

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