Media and entertainment have become innate in the lives of people in the present times. Film Industry, theatre and a lot more sources of entertainment have become an integral part of our lives. These sources have gained much more importance and popularity and have become our day-to-day companion in one way or the other. It could be through the songs we hear, the movies or the plays we watch, many reality as well as fictional shows on television and a lot more. It’s the natural human tendency that we like someone or the other amongst these celebrities because of our love for their talent and work. They somewhat become idolized for us. But should celebrities be allowed to join politics?

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Most of us have some or the other celebrity in the country whom we consider as our idol or whom we love for the talent they possess. It could be an actor, a singer, a theatre artist, a comedian, or any celebrity for that matter. We would keep a check on their every new work they release because we generally don’t wish to miss out any of the work put up them. Imagine what will happen when such celebrities join politics.

When the celebrities are allowed to join the politics, this situation will lead to both positive and negative impacts on which the differing opinions of the people are based. It’s necessary to look at both sides of the coin. Now let’s analyze the different views of those people who are in favor of allowing the celebrities to join the politics v/s those who are strictly standing strong against the idea of allowing the celebrities to join the politics.

Firstly, let’s look at the positive side of the coin and analyze the opinions of those who are in favor of the idea of allowing celebrities to join politics. The people who stand in support of the celebrities entering the politics are with the view that no one should be devoid of the right to practice the profession they want. They shouldn’t be banned from running the office if they are competent enough to handle it efficiently and also can fulfill the entire criteria required to acquire a particular position in the office. The people in favor of this says that anyone who had a strong desire to serve the citizens as well the abilities of good social governance should be allowed to become a politician, no matter whether that person is a celebrity or not.

One more point in favor of the stand opinion related to the idea of allowing favor celebrities to join politics is that people have seen their work already because they are renowned artists. When these celebrities stand up for the rights of the people, the citizens are most likely to feel that they know their leader because that person has already been known to them as a celebrity and are hence, they will feel more confident in terms of their decision of voting that celebrity to power instead of voting some random person who is entirely unknown to them. Hence, the above stated are the two strong points which are generally put up by those in favor of celebrities entering politics.

Now let’s look at the other side of the coin, i.e., at the opinions of those who are against the idea that celebrities should be allowed in politics. The positive qualities of points are always associated with some of the negative aspects. Some of the negative opinions put up by people are that the artists play different roles on screen by owning up to the various characters in the movies, theatres, etc. In the present times, where films and theatre plays are in trend, there is no doubt about the influence it has on the people. It is because of this influence only that new movies come up now and then and can attract the larger audience. Some people are of the opinion that if these celebrities stand up for being an office holder of some political post, people are most likely to vote for that person just because of the popularity of his / her reel life roles instead of actually analyzing the real-life potential and qualifications of that celebrity which is required to hold that post.

One more strong opinion against allowing the celebrities to enter into politics is that they have a good social status and a good luxurious life to live. Thus, it might be possible they are not aware of the problems of those belonging to the deprived sections of the society or of the people belonging to the middle class. This will lead to their unsuccessful attempt to help the people through the means of politics, and hence, it would only be a wastage of our vote of it goes in favor of them.

One more point which comes in forefront is that if the celebrities stand up for any official position in the elections, people are most likely to vote for them because of their famous roles in the films, etc., instead of analyzing all the choices available to them in terms of qualifications and potential and then choosing an appropriate leader for the country. This popularity factor of these celebrities might lead to the wrong decision in the domain of politics, which will ultimately have negative impacts on the development of the country. Also, the people think that the celebrities should not be allowed in the politics because of the fact that in the present scenario, there is a considerable number of celebrities who do not have the required qualifications and knowledge needed to hold the position in the country’s politics.

Hence, we could conclude that the opinions related to whether the celebrities should be allowed in politics or not differ with different people in this country where everyone has their right to voice their opinions. There are opinions both in favor as well against the idea of allowing celebrities in politics with strong arguments to support their views. And, thus, it becomes difficult to reach a conclusion related to the correct opinion. Instead, it will depend from person to person of whether he/she is in favor of the idea of allowing celebrities in politics or against it, as per their own beliefs and viewpoints.


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