According to the sources, among every ten thousands of management graduates, tossed out of 5,500 business schools of the country, only 7 percent turn out to be employable. MBA, the master of business administration, is a worldwide acknowledged degree outlined for aspirants who endeavor to achieve a career in business and management. The MBA has a broad spectrum when it comes to having a career. It not only emphasizes the business and management part but also on the public sector, government as well as private industries. While talking about good business leaders, one cannot claim that every MBA graduate would substantially become a good business leader. Generally, management studies focus on pedagogies using case studies but instead should focus on practical experiences. This would enhance the business skills as well as help the graduates to tackle any situation managerially. MBAs do or do not make a good business leader is a debatable topic and is one of the most common Group Discussion (GD) topics in the B School admission process.

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Amidst a dog-eat-dog competition among a business market, it is tough to find highly skilled leaders in firms, which not all the MBA graduates could able to be significantly. A consulting firm brought up research that interrogated the qualifications of an MBA graduate in its role as an encouraging leader. The results stated that MBA graduates may not always be a Good Business Leader. Being a business leader, one should have leadership skills, including persuasive communication, influence potential, inspiration excellence, etc. All these traits play a crucial role when it comes to own a business. Sources tell that companies like CITI, BLACKBERRY, etc. drowned down into the market due to their powerless leadership. Leadership factor is definitively a coarse trait which cannot be installed in anybody’s process of thinking. One cannot educate himself for such type of skills.

The MBA degree program lack hands-on application over live assignments to educate the aspirants and give them a chance to grind their leadership skills. As earlier said, any professor can not teach leadership trait to you inside a classroom. It all comes up with your own experiences. Instead of emphasizing on the technical knowledge or just theoretical aspects of business marketing, developing the quality of leadership is as essential as developing all the other interpersonal traits. Not all MBA applicants have similar talents. A business leader like Mukesh Ambani, who withdrew himself from the MBA degree program, now is an influencing example for every single striver. A lot of young generation tends to get attracted to the flock of sheep and ends up into an MBA degree program, which is not meant for them. This increases the percentage of MBA graduates but decreases the employability percentage. It is getting common these days to choose an MBA as a career choice if one is unclear about his destination.

Among all the other business degrees offered, MBA is the superior of all. It is also negatively coined as a highly expensive degree program. Hence just a fraction of aspirant can afford it. This implies the candidates who are capable of being a good business leader are left out of the race. Certain countries have constraints such as reservation, racism, etc. to which a student gets filtered out of the opportunities. The distinction between other business schools can also play a role in this. Certain schools have a typical curriculum which leads to a knowledge gap in between graduates. 

Let’s consider BLACKBERRY, the smartphone company, which once was an ultimate status hieroglyph. Everybody couldn’t follow having another smartphone other than Blackberry. This now is a prominent example with history of biasing, which at this moment implies a weak leadership. According to the sources the company used to promote on the basis of terms rather than skills and talents for leading. When proficiency isn’t the foremost cause for promoting, the company will surely drown down the business market.

It’s not mandatory to have an MBA degree to be a good business leader, people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, etc. don’t own an MBA degree but still are influential business leaders and still are playing well in their respective games. Whereas if we consider the worldwide seventh-largest company by yields, Netflix. It also is an impact full example of poor business leadership. The idea of splitting separately the version has cost a lot to the leader of the company.

But one cannot state that the MBA degree program can always make the berated quality of business leaders. General Motors CEO, Mary Barra, who is an MBA graduate from Stanford University, was one of powerful influencing female business leader, who is also an inspiration to a lot of grads. It’s not the MBA degree program totally focuses on the technical and business managerial knowledge, but it also helps an aspirant in shaping themselves. It considers the fact of developing every aspect of the graduates behaviorally so that he can tackle every situation which is thrown towards him. Jack Ma, owner of Alibaba, was rejected ten times by the Harvard School Business, is now the richest man of China with a net of $ 35.6 billion, who also is one of the powerful people of the world.
When it comes to leadership, one should always focus on “us” and not “me.” This implies for business leaders too. Business leadership is all about binding all the subordinates and not being biased or self-centered. There are a lot of examples of a failed company due to poor leadership like Enron, Merrill, etc. But it’s not necessary that MBA graduates will always be good business leaders. Several applicants have certain qualities which can be utilized perfectly into the business direction, whereas some have a different set of qualities which are good for management direction. One cannot blame the program neither the applicant for poor leadership skills. MBA student requires more of a well-rounded background and experiences to learn all the interaction as well as inspirational skills. With the complexity of the business environment these days, an MBA might not be the ideal choice of area for having good business leaders.  

It just does not depend on the qualification of a graduate but also on the skills he owns. A retired army officer can also be a good business leader, if he has sufficient knowledge for a cut throat business market and as leadership tend to run through his veins as he leads the men who we trust our lives with. As business leadership is all about finding diamonds in coal.

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