Have coaching institutes in India just become a source of business

The Viral Fever or TVF recently released a mini web series called Kota Factory. Kota Factory followed the story of a student who likes every other student comes to Kota after the completion of his 10th to seek coaching for engineering. The truth of coaching centres is portrayed in the Show. The Show throws light on the pressure that the students have to face when preparing for such exams. But Have coaching institutes in India just become a source of business?​

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Have coaching institutes in India just become a source of business

Coaching centres have grown into popularity after the increase in competition in education. Coaching centres are strangling school education. Since the Indian education system is based upon rote learning and gives preference to grades, there is a blind race to be on top, score good marks and get admitted to prestigious institutions. Schools can’t provide what is required to clear these exams. This is a significant shortcoming of the Indian education system. The increase in competition has popularized the trend of coaching centres, which is a burden on the pockets of parents. There are so many competitive exams like JEE, NEET, UPSC, NDA, CAT and many more. The demand for scoring high and performing well in these exams has started the trend of coaching centres in India. There are coaching centres or tuition classes in almost every corner of the street. Coaching centres have become a business. At many coaching centres, the focus is only on the bright students who have been scoring well. This serves as an advertising agenda for the centres. By focusing on the more brilliant students, the coaching centres ensure their success in this business field. After the students have cracked the competitive exam, the coaching centres take credit for their success and use the face of the student as an advertisement tool. This is one of the main reason why “Have Coaching Institutes in India just become a source of Business”?

Kota is referred to like the coaching hub of India. Students from all over the country go there to join coaching institutes and prepare for medical and engineering competitive exams. Many parents enroll their children into coaching institutes after the completion of their 10th to prepare them for the engineering or medical entrance exams. Many of the students went to Kota dropping a year after the completion of their 10+2. There were thousands of other students who were also preparing for the exams. A year later the result came, and only some handful of the student made it into some decent government institutions. When asked from one of the students about the role of a coaching institute, he said that the coaching only guides you a little and you have to do everything by yourself. The teachers mostly focus on bright students who have more chances of clearing the exam.

Every coaching institute promises you with a future that, according to them, no other institute can provide. There is a race among the different coaching institutes, and every institute wants to produce as many successful candidates as possible to maintain their reputation and lure more students from the next session. Many times there are fraudulent coaching centres which deceive students and run away with their money.
The education system of our country has increased the burden on the student. Every parent wants to see their child as a doctor, an engineer, or an IAS officer. To achieve this, they take the help of coaching centres whose hoardings and flyers are covering up the whole town like the plague in Vietnam.

The focus is on cramming up facts, and learning tips and shortcuts to efficiently use the time in the exam to score good marks. The students are competing with each other. But the more significant competition is the one between the coaching institutes. The race to provide more successful results than other institutions is a never-ending one.
The growth of the coaching industry is not only because of the growth of competition, but it is also because of the mindset of Indian parents. Parents often compare their child to someone else’s and try to make them walk on the same path. The trend of blindly following what others are doing is also a contributing factor in the enrichment of this coaching sector. Many times students join coaching classes because their friends have joined them.
But are these coaching institutes helping in building a better future for these students? Even if the students score well in the exams, the pressure that they were exposed to during the time of their preparation for the competitive exam gets stored inside them somehow. The stress that they undergo during the preparation is a lot. There are more students in the batches than the classrooms can accommodate. The institutes focus on earning money by admitting as many students as possible. At many institutes, the teachers don’t even pay attention to the other bunch of non-serious students.

Have Coaching Institutes in India just become a source of Business

Coaching institutes have become more like a trend in India. At times we find many parents bragging about their children who go to coaching. Even students in the 6th grade who don’t have any need of joining such institutions are made to join them because apparently, it seems cool to say that our child goes to coaching. This is the mentality of the modern parent. Coaching centres are aware of this, and they know that they are in demand, that is why they lure students with their sugar-coated lies, and a promise of a better future. There has been a constant increase in the fees of these institutions and which is okay with the Indian parents because supposedly a more expensive institution provides a better “future”. Bright future of the student is the expectation of the Indian parent has from these coaching institutions, and this is the sole reason that they are blooming so well.

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